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Magnetize men with your magic !

Too little attraction of the RIGHT men?

There is a great chance that you are showing too much ‘masculine energy’ in your interactions with men and are attracting few if any potentially serious partners…

Do you recognize this ?

If the above statements sound familiar, you are tapping too much into your masculine energy! Why? Because you needed this type of energy to succeed in your studies and career. Perhaps you strived to meet expectations from parents and teachers, as well.

Your masculine energy is overdeveloped and you have lost touch with the femininity you have always had. You pursue dating like you have been pursuing your career.

As a result, you come across as intimidating to men, get ghosted, doubt about yourself and grow tired of dating. You may attract men but will not keep them for long…

If that is you, then I am excited to share my 7 years of experience in mentoring on dating, love and relationships and 15 years of experience in coaching groups. As the founder of Singles Academy, I have been inspiring and guiding thousands of women towards finding and building the relationship of their dreams. If you want to achieve this goal, too, then my exclusive programme LIFT may be right for you.

one of the most effective ways to boost your love life

LIFT is one of the world’s most effective ways to boost your love life. It is an exclusive, evidence-based training for successful, sensitive single women who have little time and want results fast. In just one day and evening, you will enter a New World of Love. A world where you lean into your feminine energy, experience a magical feeling and smile when men are magnetized by you with less effort from you!

On top of that, you will meet other like-minded women on the same journey as you in this training programme. Together, we will lift each other towards a high level of love!

Does this resonate with you? If so, you can discover LIFT’s curriculum below.

LIFT’s 4-step curriculum :


Our love life starts with our mind! How we think about ourselves, men, ex-partners, love in general… profoundly influences our search for a partner. Our thoughts are shaped by our parents, teachers, bosses, friends and other people in our lives, but we can always change them. All we need is a different perspective. I bring a new view on love.

Clients get these results from this step :


Dating and relationships should not be a burden but rather a source of energy. Yet, so many single women around the globe face the dilemma of having a desire to meet a life partner and running the risk of dating-app fatigue. Masculine energy is the real problem here and I show with plenty of concrete examples when we are using it.

Clients get these results from this step :


So, tapping into our feminine energy is essential, but how do we do that? So much is going on about femininity nowadays. Well-intended but vague ideas may make us feel more of a woman in general, but dating is a whole different ball game. Specific phrases or actions can make a world of difference. I explain the principles and words that make men chase us and leave us feeling happy and worthy instead of tired and small.

Clients get these results from this step :


When we fancy someone, it can feel both exciting and scary. The latter emotion will lead us to fall back into our masculine action role in order to escape insecurity. I demonstrate how to reverse and prevent this phenomenon. The beauty of this step is that resilience is not limited to love but benefits us in our whole life.

Clients get these results from this step :

Curious about LIFT’s result for women like you?

And how clients experience working with me?

Meet 40-year old psychologist Linda and 38-year old care manager Ilse*.

In the videos below, they share their struggle and the result LIFT delivered to them.

*Ilse is a fictitious name for privacy reasons. Other names with asterisks have also been changed.


‘It is sometimes worthwhile to analyze yourself and be aware of how you come across in a dating situation. Karianne explains and shows this very well and is both professional and mild mannered in her approach. BEING a psychologist MYSELF, I think it is a huge added value compared to other DATING coaching programmes…’

Now, you may wonder where Ilse’s review video has gone? If you give me a couple more days, you will see it appear here. Also, you can follow me on Instagram @singlesacademy to view it soon…

Are you a self-conscious woman? Ready to boost your mindset and reclaim your divine femininity to attract the right man? Are you excited to shift your quest for love from chasing to being chased? Ready to take the leap outside your comfort zone? And open to receive more abundance, energy, trust and love in your life?

Then you are in the right place and love is closer than you think!

Dare to invest in yourself!

‘If you decide to really give a new turn to your love life, do not hesitate to contact Karianne. The way is not easy but it is worth, you will discover many personal strengths and also get more self-confidence. Dare to invest in yourself!’

The coaching was excellent.

‘Karianne, I found your coaching to be excellent. I was searching for someone who was straightforward, not a soft-spoken therapist. It costs what it costs. I had hoped to find someone who would push me in the right direction, away from the narcissists that had filled my life until that moment – and this you did brilliantly. Thank you for everything.’

Found someone who respects and loves me.

‘The last couple of months have given me a feeling of love, peace and happiness, knowing that I have found someone wonderful who respects and loves me.’

This is what LIFT looks like :

(Total value of 9.000+ EUR)

Bonuses :

(Total value of 2.000 EUR)


The intended result of LIFT is to attract more high quality men. Every woman who applies my tools can reach that goal. I am certain of this because I have been mentoring women for 7 years. I know what works and what does not.

Even clients who do not find and keep a partner believe that the investment is justified. See here a Facebook review from a client (male: earlier I used to coach men also) who has found several good partners but not yet a lifelong partner.

You are not alone! Although people find it hard to believe, I feel shy in front of others, too. Until now, every woman, regardless of her personality, appearance or embarrassing feelings, walked away from LIFT feeling empowered and inspired. Clients like Linda en Ilse* literally confirm this in their testimonial videos.

Also, the group is of maximum 8 women. To the best of my knowledge, you will not easily find another small-scale training on this topic. By keeping it this small, I can give personal attention to every woman. LIFT is an opportunity to train yourself to be more open in a safe environment with like-minded women. If you can be vulnerable in this context, it will be easier to be your true self with men.

In addition, I hope you will find it reassuring that no one expects you to share personal issues, even though you will discover that the sharing of personal stories or worries, like shame or self-perceived stupidity, will set you free of these emotions. Still, you will never be pressured to share something you do not want to.

Some of my clients were half in a relationship when they started working with me. Others waited for several months after a break-up. So, it depends on you how fast you want to move forward. Let us be honest though! If you were not at all ready to learn how to attract healthy love, you would not have scrolled through this page.

You are here, therefore you see an opportunity to push your love life to a higher level. If you still think a lot about your ex, then it is high time to start putting yourself first! This you can do by regaining control of your heart and allowing your magic to shine through. LIFT helps you regain control of your mind and life.

Therapy and coaching are designed for different purposes. If you need to get things off your chest, then it is best to choose a therapist. There you will get empathy and a good listener. The focus is on the past. I have followed therapy for many years in my twenties. It helped me recover from childhood trauma and I am grateful for it.

However, therapy did not help me to thrive in love and life. It taught me neither to set goals nor to attract healthy masculine instead of macho men. If you wish to achieve future goals, such as finding a partner, then coaching/mentorship is ideal.

A good mentor listens to you, asks you relevant questions, gives advice and pulls you out of your comfort zone. She helps you focus on what matters. LIFT has been designed to help you achieve attracting more high quality men with less effort.

I understand that you are reluctant to be hurt again, especially if you have been betrayed. Whenever you build a relationship, you run the risk of getting wounded. On the other hand, deep connections, especially with a partner, create the opportunity for new and wonderful experiences. This is what elevates the human experience from the ordinary hustle, bustle of modern life to a life full of love.

Opening yourself to love, however, does not mean you should just hope to be treated well. You can take proactive action. Having suffered from heartbreak myself so often, I designed LIFT to help you protect yourself against being hurt, or, if it would happen, to boost your resilience, so that you can bounce back quickly.

You may have a busy profession, a rich social life and maybe a child. On top of that, perhaps you are planning a career leap or a house change. If this is you, then you are like the majority of my clients. For example, Anke was a manager, practiced sports and was raising a toddler when she contacted me. There was little time left for love, but she knew that Mr. Right would not come knocking on her door.

Anke was tired of dating without results, therefore she decided to work with me. Soon after, she met a wonderful man who initially said he was not interested in a long-term relationship. She applied my tools, which sometimes felt scary, but now that guy is her long-term partner. She feels energized, blissful and happy.

In a way, Anke’s relationship is actually saving her time, as she can get more done in a day. And she is no longer wasting time on the apps or on texting. You can achieve this, too. LIFT encompasses some of my best tools and knowledge condensed into one day and evening. So, what are you still waiting for?

Clothing is but one way to enhance femininity. Despite this, you can still ward off men for the simple fact that femininity is about much more than a nice dress and red lipstick. Apparel and make-up are external characteristics. Far more important are things such as: feeling, verbal and non-verbal communication, and behavior. In LIFT, I teach you how to bring out that magic in a deep and meaningful way, in order to attract high quality men. What woman does not want that to happen?

No, I do not give refunds. You either opt in or stay out of LIFT. If you want someone else to commit to you, perhaps for a lifetime, start by showing commitment to yourself. Investing in your personal growth is a form of self-commitment. Anyway, you will not want to ask your money back, because, having coached groups for the past 15 years and women for the past 7 years, I am confident that I can make your life easier by teaching you effective tools.

So, do not feel guilty for reaching for your savings to give yourself the chance at a more fulfilling life. Above and beyond all that, my clients have a return on their investment by applying the tools in all areas of relationship building. Success in life and work depend on the ability to lean into your soft yet powerful femininity.

NOTICE : as soon as COVID-19 disappears off the face of the earth and our lives return to normal, including worry-free transportation and mask-free gatherings, LIFT will also be organized in a unique heritage site again. Here is a sneak preview:


TOTAL PROGRAMME VALUE : 11.000 EUR (9.000 EUR programme + 2.000 EUR bonuses).



On 31 October, 2020, the early bird offer ends. So, if you want to celebrate your Xmas 2020 holidays with a loving, loyal man, grab your seat now!

DONATION : a small part of your investment will be transferred to a cause I deeply care about: ending sex trafficking and child sexual abuse in the whole world. I support Child Rescue Coalition and O.U.R. by donating 5% of each investment in LIFT. So, here is a chance to boost your love life, while at the same time helping rescue 2 children from abuse (CRC needs 25 EUR to save 1 child).


The next virtual edition of the VIP Retreat will be held on Sunday, November 22, 2020 from 10.00 AM until 4.00 PM (CET). The Follow-up Event takes place on Thursday, December 17, 2020 from 9 PM until 11 PM (CET).

Only 8 seats available.


Update 17/10 : only 6 seats left!