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Magnetize men with your magic!

Too little attraction of the right men?

There is a great chance that you are showing too much ‘masculine energy’ in your interactions with men and are attracting few if any potentially serious partners…

Do you recognize this?

  • Do you feel confident and are successful at work… but do you not know how to win in love and be the authentic, feminine you without being submissive?
  • Do you worry about what men think of you?
  • Do you chat more than 10 minutes per day to virtual strangers?
  • Do you feel anxious if you have not heard from him in a day or more?
  • Do you ruminate over something you said to a guy?
  • Do you start talking to him to avoid awkward silence?
  • Do you text a man 2 or 3 times in a row to find out what is going on?
  • Do you make efforts to make your new relationship work?
  • This list could go on and on… but you get the point, right?

If the above statements sound familiar, you are tapping too much into your masculine energy! As a result, you will appear intimidating, doubt about yourself and grow tired of dating. You may attract men but will not keep them for a long-term relationship.

If that is you, then I am excited and honored to share my 7 years of experience in mentoring on dating, love and relationships and 15 years of experience in coaching groups. As the founder of Singles Academy, I have been inspiring and privately guiding thousands of women towards finding and building the relationship of their dreams. If you want to achieve this goal, too, I am happy to present to you my flagship program called LIFT.

one of the most effective ways to boost your love life

LIFT is one of the world’s most effective ways to boost your love life. It is an ideal training for independent, high performing, self-aware women who have little time and want results fast. In just one day and evening, you will enter a New World of Love. A world where YOU lean into your natural feminine energy, experience a magical feeling and smile when men are magnetized by you with much less effort from you and more from them!

On top of that, you will meet other like-minded women on the same journey as you in this training programme. Together, we will lift each other towards a high level of love!

Does this resonate with you? If so, you can discover LIFT’s curriculum below.

LIFT’s 4-step curriculum:


Your love life starts with you and especially your mind! How you think about yourself, men, ex-partners, love in general… profoundly shapes your search for a partner.

I will teach you how to nurture and strengthen your soul. As a result, you will feel more self-confidence, forget your fear of being hurt again and feel more at ease with dating!


Dating and relationships should not be a burden but rather a source of energy. I will show you with plenty of concrete examples when you are using your masculine energy.

This step is designed to be quickly aware of your energy state and indispensable to shift it from masculine to feminine. Almost all my clients say they never realized they were carrying an excess of masculinity, but being able to recognize it powerful.


Tapping into your feminine energy is essential for women to win at love, but how do you actually do that? Certain phrases or actions can make a world of difference. I will explain the principles and words that make men chase you without even knowing why.

The result is that you will attract more high quality and healthy masculine men.


When you fancy someone, it can feel both exciting and scary. The latter emotion will lead you to fall back into your masculine role in order to escape insecurity. This, however, does not work. I will gladly show you how to reverse this phenomenon.

You can not control a man, but you can control how many men you meet and how you respond to them. This step results in having strong resilience so that you can continue meeting men until you find a man who treats you like the goddess you are.

Curious about LIFT’s result for women like you?

And how clients experience working with me?

Meet 40-year old psychologist Linda and 38-year old care manager Ilse*.

In the video stories, they share their struggle and the result LIFT delivered to them.

*Ilse is a fictitious name for privacy reasons. Other names with asterisks have also been changed.

Linda: ‘It is sometimes worthwhile to analyze yourself, and be aware of how you come across in a dating situation. Karianne explains this clearly and is both professional and mild mannered. BEING a psychologist MYSELF, I GREATLY appreciate this. IT is BIG added value compared to other coaching programmes…’

ILSE: ‘…’

Are you a self-conscious woman? Are you ready to unleash your mindset and reclaim your divine femininity to attract the right man? Are you excited to shift your quest for love from chasing in vain to being chased? Are you willing to take the leap outside your comfort zone? Are you open to receive more abundance in your life? Energy, trust and LOVE?

Then you are in the right place and love is closer than you think!

Dare to invest in yourself!

‘If you decide to really give a new turn to your love life, do not hesitate to contact Karianne. The way is not easy but it is worth, you will discover many personal strengths and also get more self-confidence. Dare to invest in yourself!’

The coaching was excellent.

‘Karianne, I found your coaching to be excellent. I was searching for someone who was straightforward, not a soft-spoken therapist. It costs what it costs. I had hoped to find someone who would push me in the right direction, away from the narcissists that had filled my life until that moment – and this you did brilliantly. Thank you for everything.’

Found someone who respects and loves me.

‘The last couple of months have given me a feeling of love, peace and happiness, knowing that I have found someone wonderful who respects and loves me.’

This is what LIFT looks like:

  • Virtual live VIP Training Day (6 hours).
  • Inspiring and uplifting group of maximum 8 women.
  • VIP Toolkit which consists of 4 parts as described above.
  • Exclusive, undivided personal attention from me all day long.
  • Invaluable support from like-minded women who understand you.
  • At the end of the day, you will feel free from doubt, fear and all feminine energy blocks and you will have the needed skills and knowledge to attract more high quality men.
  • Virtual follow-up event (2 hours): How have you applied the insights and tools in your love life, what obstacles have you encountered and where do you need further help?

BONUSES (total value of €2.500):

  • BONUS 1: Taking notes helps retain information and apply it, but you will never be able to remember everything. You may lose your insights and tap too much into your masculine again. To maximize your ROI, you will receive, free of any charge, access to audio recordings of the event you attended. Each event is tailored to the group’s specific needs. (Value: €2.000)
  • BONUS 2: Dating sites and apps are perfect for meeting thousands of single men. Yet, internet dating can not deliver results if you do not have a captivating and feminine energy inspired profile. While LIFT is interactive and delivers ready-to-use tips, including about online dating, individual profiles are not discussed. Therefore, as a bonus, you will receive personalized written feedback on your profile, provided that you first create it. (Value: €200)
  • BONUS 3: You may fear being on your own again and feeling discouraged when things do not go your way (and in dating, as in life, there always such moments). To make you feel supported after the event, too, you will receive lifetime access to The Circle: a hidden Facebook group where you can ask any question about LIFT’s application to your love life and connect with other like-minded women who enrolled in one of my programmes. (Value: invaluable)
  • BONUS 4: Now you may still wonder if LIFT will really help to boost your love life? There are many femininity workshops and retreats to choose from, but your biggest challenge is not to learn about feminine energy in general. In my experience, it is most effective when it is specifically tailored to your needs in dating. Therefore, I have developed a unique and effective self-study course to reclaim your feminine divinity and lift your love life. (Value: €300)


  • MONEY-BACK GUARANTUEE: You may be afraid you might not get the return on investment you hoped for. Having coached women for the past 7 years, I feel confident about the results my guidance can deliver. However, if you feel this programme did not deliver the results it promises, you can communicate this during or at the end of the VIP day experience. In such a case, I will return you your money. From my side, I also have the liberty to remove you from the group at any point in time, if I feel that your presence has an undesirable impact on others.


The intended result of LIFT is to attract more high quality men. Every woman who applies my tools and tips can reach that goal. I am certain of this because I have been mentoring for 7 years, full time and on a professional level. I know what works and what does not.

Even those people who do not find and keep a partner believe that the investment in the programme is justified. See here a Facebook review from a client (male: earlier I used to coach men also) who has found several good partners but not yet a lifelong partner.

You are not alone! Although people find it hard to believe, I feel shy in front of others. My clients are both introverts and extroverts. Yet, until now, every woman, regardless of her personality and history, took away something very valuable from the group coaching.

My group is small, of maximum 8 women. By keeping it this small, I can give individual attention to every woman. LIFT is an opportunity to train yourself to be more open in a safe environment with like-minded, inspiring women. If you can be vulnerable in this context, it will be easier for you to be your true soft self in a dating situation with unknown men.

Some of my clients were half in a relationship when they started working with me. Others first took a break from everything for several months. It really depends on you how fast you want to move forward. Let us be honest though! If you felt that you were not ready to learn new ways to create a healthy love life, you would not have scrolled through this page.

You are here, therefore you see an opportunity to push your love life to a higher level. If you still think a lot about your ex-partner, then it is high time to start putting yourself first! This you can do by regaining control of your heart and emotions and allowing your magical femininity to shine through. LIFT helps you regain control of your mind and life.

Therapie en mentorschap beogen andere doeleinden. Als je je hart wilt luchten, dan kan je terecht bij een therapeut. Je krijgt empathie en vooral een luisterend oor. De focus ligt op het verleden. Als je doelen wilt bereiken in de toekomst, zoals het vinden van een partner, dan is mentorschap ideaal. Een goede mentor luistert naar je, stelt je pertinente vragen, geeft je advies, daagt je uit je comfortzone, helpt je focussen op de hoofdzaak en reikt je tools aan om jouw doelen te bereiken.

Ik begrijp dat je angst voelt om opnieuw gekwetst te worden, als je vertrouwen een of meerdere malen geschonden is. Als je je verbindt met andere mensen, dan loop je het risico om gekwetst te worden. Anderzijds schept de diepe verbinding met een ander de kans om samen wonderlijke ervaringen te creëren en te delen. Zelfs nieuw leven. Dit maakt de menselijke ervaring rijk en uniek. Aan jou dus de keuze: de angst of de kans? Mindset & Magie vergroot jouw kans op succes in de liefde.

Je hebt een drukke baan, misschien een kindje en hobby’s. Mogelijks wil je nog van job veranderen, verhuizen of op reis gaan. Als dit jouw leven is, dan lijk je op de meeste van mijn cliënten. Mijn wijze stiefvader van 84 zegt altijd: ‘De vraag is niet of je tijd hebt. Iedereen heeft evenveel tijd. De vraag is welke keuzes je wilt maken. De tijd die je ergens in steekt, kan je niet voor iets anders gebruiken.’

Kies je om tijd te investeren in chatten, FWB of foute mannen? Of kies je om tijd te investeren in het vinden van een partner? Kies je om puur voor je werk te leven? Of kies je voor een gebalanceerd, zo compleet mogelijk leven? In Mindset & Magie zijn mijn beste kennis en tools gecondenseerd in één dag en avond. Je investeert dus weinig tijd en wat je gaat leren, zal je een hoop tijd (en ellende) besparen.

Als je instapt in Mindset & Magie, dan koop je niet mijn lestijd maar mijn expertise en 14 jaar professionele ervaring om het leven van mensen te vergemakkelijken. Met mijn diploma’s zou ik op veel plekken kunnen werken, maar mentorschap is mijn passie en mijn gave. Jouw leven liefdevoller maken is mijn missie. Je investeert dus in je eigen toekomst. Een cliënt van mij zegt dit letterlijk in een testimonial.

Voel je dus niet schuldig als je je spaargeld aanspreekt om jezelf een liefdevoller leven te schenken en een toekomst waarin jij gaat stralen. Bovendien verdienen heel wat cliënten de investering terug door mijn tools toe te passen op andere relationele gebieden. Zo hangt je succes op het werk vaak mede samen met het vermogen om je mindset te wijzen en je vrouwelijke energie slim in te zetten.

Je kledingstijl is een manier om je vrouw-zijn te beklemtonen. Toch kan je dan mannen afstoten, want vrouwelijke magie gaat over veel meer dan een jurk en lippenstift. Kleding en make-up zijn uiterlijke kenmerken. Veel belangrijker zijn de innerlijke aspecten: je gedrag, communicatie, gevoel, energie, intuïtie. In Mindset & Magie leer je om je magie op holistische, diepgaande wijze naar buiten te brengen, zodat je meer interessante mannen aantrekt, ongeacht de kleur van je lippen.

Sommige van mijn cliënten hebben zichtbare beroepen. Anderen zijn vermogend of dragen een bekende familienaam. Wat ook je situatie is, de regel is dat gevoelige informatie binnen de groep blijft. Bedenk dat het prijskaartje van Mindset & Magie niet zomaar iedereen laat deelnemen. Wie dat wel doet, is toegewijd en serieus.

Als je extra bescherming wil, dan kan ik daar voor zorgen mits een meerinvestering. Zo kan ik mijn advocaten een geheimhoudingsdocument laten opstellen en het door alle deelneemsters laten ondertekenen, zodat jouw privacy juridisch beschermd is. Je zal echter merken dat dit niet nodig is. Wie je ook bent, de gedeelde ervaringen zijn vaak herkenbaar voor elke vrouw. Ook de nood aan privacy is een zorg van elkeen. Een alternatieve optie is dat de VIP-dag vervangen wordt door een privé-coaching sessie in de intieme sfeer van jouw eigen huis. Maar nogmaals, het is super leerrijk om te leren van en met gelijkgestemde vrouwen.

Je bent niet alleen als je je hierover zorgen maakt. Ik heb cliënten die al heel wat ervaring hadden qua persoonlijke ontwikkeling: therapie, workshops en andere coaching trajecten. Ik ben er zeker van dat wat ik je ga vertellen niet 100% nieuw zal zijn. Wel bied ik je een nieuw, coherent kader voor een liefdevoller leven.

Sommige zaken zullen een bevestiging zijn van wat je diep vanbinnen al weet. Andere vertrouwde thema’s ga je vanuit een fris perspectief ervaren. En bepaalde tools en inzichten zullen nieuw zijn. Wat je niet zal ervaren, is een copy+paste van andere trajecten. Al mijn materiaal is origineel. Nog belangrijker is dat Mindset & Magie geen pure overdracht van kennis is maar op de eerste plaats een unieke, exclusieve beleving met andere vrouwen die hetzelfde beogen als jij.

NOTICE: as soon as COVID-19 disappears off the face of the earth and our lives return to normal, including worry-free transportation and mask-free gatherings, LIFT will also be organized in a unique heritage site again. Here is a sneak preview of the venue and its mesmerizing effect.


Your investment for this training is €995.

This programme comes with a €500 voucher for the VIP Private Coaching programme, if you decide to apply for the latter and are accepted.

Karianne Boer Dewitte


The following VIP Training Day will be on Friday, October 23, 2020 from 9 AM (CEST) until 3 PM (CEST). The follow-up evening is scheduled for November 24, 2020 from 9 PM until 11 PM (CET). Only 8 seats available!


Fill your details below and I will take care of the paperwork. Once I have received your payment in full, I will send you already the first tools you need to nurture your well-being and build your hope.

It is my pleasure to help you.