Let 2020 not just be the start of a new decade. Find love and let it be the turning point of your life!


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How can this book help you?

Before we talk about the book, let’s first talk about your story:

  • Are you a smart, strong and self-conscious woman?
  • Do you find yourself longing for a life partner?
  • Do you feel lonely around this time of the year?
  • Are you hoping for a man to ask you out on a date?
  • Do you hear nothing after a first date that went well?
  • Do you run into guys whom you don’t find interesting?
  • Do you wonder why men suddenly disappear on you?
  • Are you afraid there’s something wrong with you?
  • Are you hoping to find someone special in 2020?

I believe that you are a hero. Just like thousands of other women out there struggling to find love. You’re a hero because you refuse to settle for second best. You’re hard-working and beautiful, though you may doubt about yourself. I believe that every woman is beautiful in her own way. Outside and inside.

Yet, you struggle so hard to attract a partner in life. Tell me, what have you been doing over the past 3 years? You’ve probably tried so many things to find your prince on the white horse. Yet, he remains hidden. You may have wasted a lot of time, emotions, tears and feel frustrated with the dating scene.

As a love mentor, I have guided women for over 6 years now. And I can tell you this: there are plenty of good men out there. However, they need to be able to find you. The real you, that is. You need a plan to work on yourself and completely be the powerful woman you already are deep inside. You also need to be vulnerable and meet your man in the power AND the vulnerability of your heart and soul. Because if you don’t do this, what will happen? You’ll get the same result you did over the past 3 years: miss out on love.

  • Would you agree that there are no quick fix solutions for love?
  • Would you agree that the road to winning in love starts with you?
  • Would you agree that you can’t outsource personal growth?

My book is a unique and powerful steppingstone. It will facilitate your search for a life partner. It may be the world’s first book with a rich, multidisciplinary mixture of insight into the reasons why strong, self-conscious women fail to attract the right men and strategies and practical examples to find a way out of this. The examples come from my private mentoring practice as well as my own personal life.

I went from date disaster to love champion at the Olympic Games of Life. I’m not afraid to share my pain and experience with you. But make no mistake, this book isn’t for the fainthearted. It’s aimed at women who want to move ahead. If you want to be inspired and challenged, this book is perfect for you!

Are you ready to rock in 2020?

Do you say ‘yes’ to being a more complete woman?

Do you say ‘yes’ to thriving in love and life?

Read on and I’ll tell you what my book will teach you.

Here’s how you can bring out the hero inside of you.

If you read my book, you’ll learn:

💘 How to stop deceiving yourself in love.
💘 How to know if you’ve got a dating burn-out.
💘 How to restore your faith in love again.
💘 Why you get ghosted or cheated on.
💘 Why you attract men who are wrong or boring.
💘 How to create the love life of your dreams.
💘 How to stay authentic and be man-magnetic.
💘 When you may outsource your partner search.
💘 Three dating strategies I highly recommend.
💘 How to know if he’s a date or a soulmate.

The short story of the author

Like many little girls, I dreamed about meeting a man and starting a family some day. It took more than a decade for that day to arrive. As a child, I grew up in a brown brick house in a small town. A lot of bad things happened between those four walls and outside of them, too. This book, however, isn’t about surviving childhood trauma. It’s about thriving in love in spite of trauma and other internal blockages.

Whilst every woman’s journey to finding a partner is unique, I believe our challenges are very similar. I also believe that the greatest obstacle to love is the battle within you. I believe you can’t outsource personal growth. This is why I founded Singles Academy. This is why my clients win in love.

For seven years, I was a strategic adviser in the field of homeland security. In 2013, I left my tenured civil servant position for a career as love mentor and entrepreneur. Since then, I’ve had the honor to:

  • Inspire thousands of people via social media.
  • Appear in the written press (Flair, Goed Gevoel, De Morgen, Story etc.).
  • Mentor tens of women personally and exclusively every year.
  • Welcome over 900 attendees for my newly launched masterclass.

I am a walk-the-talk mentor. I attracted my partner in 2013. Now, I’m married with three children. Before winning in love, I struggled for 15 years. Today, I mentor other women on how to win, too. I can save you years of precious time, tons of frustration and pain and help you have lots of fun along the way.

You can start winning in love today by claiming your voucher!

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