Do You Desire to Find Your Dream Partner THIS year or in 2029?

It took me more than a decade to figure out dating, love and relationships until I became successful in love. When I decided in 2013 to switch careers and start my own coaching company, I was certain I didn’t want to waste time and energy on figuring out how to launch a business. I decided to do it the smart way by investing in mentoring. I was/am keen on learning from people who already know how to do it and will believe in me when my confidence falters. And trust me, behind every successful person are tough moments of insecurity.

The first time a coach told me that her program would take me investing several K, I almost fell from my chair. I had never been coached before and I was used to professionals charging by the hour. I was in doubt about whether I could trust her to help me deliver real results. I was afraid to jump but I did it anyway. Meanwhile, I have invested multiple K in several coaches and this has brought me nothing but BIG value.

If I had taken another 10 years of my life, I am sure I could have figured it out all by myself. But what a waste of my time and energy that would have been if coaching can save me 9 years!

For my clients it is the same. They are really smart and could figure it out all by themselves. But rather than wasting a decade on searching, they prefer to find a soulmate in a few months. And who can argue with a success rate of 87% of clients who find a great 👩 or 👨?!

I believe that my clients are so successful because unlike most coaches, I don’t teach meditation, pick up, get-your-ex-back, or unlock-your-divinity tactics. Not that I don’t appreciate stuff like mindfulness but for me believing that this will help you get what you want, is like meditating in order to get your driving license. In a similar vein, I don’t phantasize about feminine energy or masculine power and how that somehow magically attracts your soulmate (it doesn’t). In my experience, this is not what university educated ambitious people need.

I do teach my clients a strategic love system that allows them to set realistically ambitious expectations, to deeply understand themselves, to speed read people, to be really present and authentic while dating, to choose your partner both wisely as well as intuitively and most importantly: to transform your challenges into relationship-oriented solutions. I believe in my clients 1000% and am proud of each and everyone of them.

So, if you are out there feeling a strong desire for sharing your life with your soulmate, ask yourself whether you want to spend the next 10 years figuring out how to find true love? Or do you want to start living a life abundant with love, affection, bliss THIS year? Do want to be so energetic that you feel that the world belongs to you and the love of your life? Do you want to realize your personal dreams or build new ones together with your soulmate? Travel the world together, build a company, you can climb mountains together, or perhaps have children…

This year? Or in 2029? Choose. Wisely.

Karianne Dewitte,

Founder of Singles Academy, an international premier dating coaching company

If you want to find your soulmate this year, Singles Academy can help. We teach highly educated singles from 30-59 years how to transform your dating life into lasting love. No tricks, no tactics, no non-sense but a proven, step-by-step system. Let’s talk. Book a strategy call today! Click here:

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