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In this blog, I will share a story about some flowers I received two days ago. “What is the link between these flowers and the quest for a soulmate?” you may ask. Well, I believe the story contains two valuable lessons. These are applicable to any situation in life, but especially when you are looking for love and you do not know where to start…

Last Friday, I was relaxing in the backyard. I was enjoying the golden sunbeams. My daughter of three years old picked flowers from the garden and gave them to me. Really tiny flowers. I smiled, thanked her and put them on the table outside. Two days later, we were at an indoor playground to celebrate my son’s birthday. There, she hands the same flowers to me. I said “Thank you”, put them on a table and paid no further attention. I was very busy taking care of all party visitors, including my son and his classmates.

At some point, I am alone with my mother for a couple of minutes. She said to me:

“You know, those flowers that your daughter gave you? That is a gift. A real gift. Do you know how much effort she has taken to give them to you? I saw her picking up something from the floor and asked what she was holding in her little hand. “For mom,” she had replied. “For my mom.””

Grandma said her eyes were sparkling and filled with love. Her words made me reflect. I felt sad because I did not even know anymore where the flowers were. I thought I had lost them forever. I had missed the look in her eyes. I had not realized the beauty of the gift in front of me. My daughter had held these tiny flowers in her hand all the way from home to the playground just for me! Later that day, I learned from my husband that she had had to overcome even more obstacles. When she had first picked the flowers, her brother had teased her by putting them inside some toy. Yet, she was able to take all of them out, one by one. The most beautiful part of the story is that in the evening, as I entered the bathroom, guess what was sitting on the bathroom sink? Her flowers! I decided to hold on to them, cherish them and carefully put them in a tiny suitcase.

Here is the lesson I draw. It feels like magic to me that the flowers kept on coming back to me. But not without a reason. I believe it is all about appreciation. True appreciation for the small things that you have or receive. When you are searching for your soulmate, how often are you not searching from a place of frustration, or anger, or desperation, or doubt, or distrust? What if you replace all of that with appreciation for the small things?

When you desire something big like the love life of your dreams WHILE appreciating the small things you already have, you will desire from a base of love, flow, power and happiness. Negative feelings are so human, common and understandable but they will send the right people running and attract the wrong persons. Believe it or not, but appreciation makes you ‘hot’. It makes you feel great and appear more attractive.

One great tip is to write down three small things that you appreciate every day. I have done this exercise for years and it really helped me to shape a positive mindset. Appreciate the fact that your eyes can see, or that your lungs can breathe, or that your colleagues show interest in you or that you live in a country with access to the web so you can read this blog. There are thousands of things you can appreciate. Start today!

A second lesson I draw, is that being busy can get in the way of appreciation. Your perception of how busy you are, is just an idea. More importantly, it is a choice. You can choose to be too busy to appreciate the small things. In a similar vein, you can choose to be too busy at work to have any time for love. But what would happen if you rethink you relationship with time? What if you started to take your dream of true love seriously? What if  you found a way to build the love life of your dreams and it makes you feel so energetic that you work more effectively and earn more?

This article was written by Karianne Dewitte, founder and owner of Singles Academy. She transforms workaholic singles into unstoppable happily married top professionals. She is a leading international dating, love and relationship expert. Karianne is a woman on a mission, feels unstoppable and lives happily married with three children in Belgium (Europe).


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