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Free Masterclass

Are you tired of … ? Boring men and bad guys? Being strung along or friend-zoned? Men disappearing on you? Liars and cheaters? Picking the wrong guy?

want to attract a committed masculine man within 2-12 weeks ?

MAYBE YOu fear that you will not find the right man on time to beat YOUR BIOLOGICAL CLOCK ?

In my free online training, I explain step by step how you can achieve your dream.

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The masterclass will teach you :

1. The quickest and most successful way to find love, even if you may not have dated in a long time or are tired of dating and may wonder what is wrong with you.

2. How to stop wasting time and emotional energy on the wrong men and attract suitable potential partners and – if you desire children – win the race against your clock.

3. The only thing you need to stop feeling confused about mixed signals and how to know if a man is right for you and really serious about you.

4. How to ‘make it rain men’ and choose one wisely instead of looking all over for them and not finding any. My clients love this cool concept the most!

Hello, I’m Karianne

Hello, I’m Karianne Boer (MSc, MA) and I’m a Love Mentor. I specialize in counseling high achieving women towards finding their partner. I developed a science-based, simple 3-step method to attract a partner in 2-12 weeks. Women with lawyer’s, doctor’s, C-level, managers’ and other industry-leading backgrounds seek my guidance because their time is precious and they want shortcuts to finding love. My mission is to end global dating drama and help build healthy relationships.

Some facts about me :

  • Founder of Singles Academy, school for love
  • Coaching groups for the past 15 years
  • Mentoring women on love for the past 7 years
  • Appearing in widely read Dutch-speaking media
  • Mother to three magnificent children
  • Multidisciplinary trained (KU Leuven, Oxford)
  • Two master degrees, two certificate degrees
  • Speaking 5 languages (NL, EN, FR, DE, ES)

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important notice on class :

Unfortunately, the masterclass is currently only available in Dutch, but we’re working hard behind the scenes to create an English version. We’re aiming at releasing it this coming September. If you want to be among the first to know of its launch, fill out the form below and receive the newsletter for updates on the class and inspiration in love. Of course, I care for your well-being and will not pass your data to third parties.

P.S.: This free training is available for a limited amount of time. Register now before I change my mind and start charging a fee for the world’s most unconventional and multidisciplinary course on dating smarter, not harder.

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