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Dear Wonderful Woman!

Karianne Boer

Nice to meet you, I’m Karianne Boer.

Do you believe you get the most out of life when you’re successful in both work and love? Are you rocking your career, while your relationships are always going on the rocks? Are you tired of the dating scene?

I feel you. I set up Singles Academy to help successful, sophisticated women like you find a high-quality life partner without wasting time, money and energy. My specialty is to mentor independent high achieving, entrepreneurial and professional women on how to stop meeting domineering or boring men, and instead attract Mr. Right.

Without a doubt, you’re someone who wants the best in life. Otherwise, you would settle down with Mr. Average and you wouldn’t be here, right? Are you also someone who appreciates the best kind of service? If that’s you, I could be your ultimate dating expert and love mentor. Here’s why:

  • Unique, proven coaching method
  • 15 years of group coaching experience
  • Trusted for expert dating advice since 2013
  • 1100+ women have joined webinars or programmes
  • Gifted at understanding people’s personalities
  • Razor-sharp intuition for identifying red flags
  • Multidisciplinary trained at premier universities
  • Walking the talk: married and mother to 3 children
  • Very effective, to use the words of my client Greta

Do you value confidentiality and luxury treatment? You’ll get both, as I offer one-on-one private coaching and coaching with intimate groups of max. 8 women. This is an exception, because the industry standard is to guide groups of 50, 100 or more clients. In my view, mass coaching is good entertainment, but not very transformational. Also, I record every mentoring session for you, so you can get the most out of your coaching investment. This is big value which I’ve never seen any other coach give.

Now, you may be asking what kind of results you can expect from being mentored on love? The results my clients report are more self-confidence, peace of mind, happiness and overall better relationships and, as the end result, an exclusive romantic relationship and increased revenues. From this perspective, love coaching is not just a smart investment in your psychological and emotional health but also your financial well-being.

Finally, if you decide to work with me, and I accept you as a client, you’ll love meeting other, like-minded women in a safe and supportive environment. My extensive experience ensures that all participants leave each group session feeling empowered, as I can show the silver lining in every story. You can rest assured that whatever feelings or stories you choose to share with your sisters in the coaching program, will remain within the group. Until now, I’ve never received any complaint regarding confidentiality. That’s because only serious, high value women enroll.

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Free Masterclass

Are you tired of :

Domineering men? Or boring ones? Cheating guys? Men disappearing on you? Liars and cheaters? Choosing Mr. Mismatch?

want to attract a ‘HEALTHY masculine’ (AS OPPOSED TO DOMINEERING or boring) man within 2-12 weeks ?

MAYBE YOu fear that you will not find the right guy on time to beat YOUR BIOLOGICAL CLOCK ?

OR perhaps YOU don’t feel your clock ticking but you just don’t want to live life alone anymore?

In my free online training, I explain step by step how you can achieve your dream.

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The masterclass will teach you :

1. The quickest and most successful way to find love, even if you may not have dated in a long time or are tired of dating and may wonder what is wrong with you.

2. How to stop wasting time and emotional energy on the wrong men and attract suitable potential partners and – if you desire children – win the race against your clock.

3. The only thing you need to stop feeling confused about mixed signals and how to know if a man is really serious about you.

4. How to choose your partner well instead of being domineered or having to do all the work in the relationship. My clients love this part most!

How about you now ?

Want superior results in dating ?

Start by claiming your seat to learn superior yet simple ways to attract your soulmate !

important notice on class :

Unfortunately, the masterclass is currently only available in Dutch, but I’m working hard behind the scenes to create an English version. We’re aiming at releasing it this coming October. If you want to be among the first to know of its launch, fill out the form below and receive the newsletter for updates on the class and inspiration in love. Of course, I care for your well-being and will not pass your data to third parties.

P.S.: This free training is available for a limited amount of time. Register now before I change my mind and start charging a fee for the world’s most unconventional and multidisciplinary course on dating smarter, not harder.

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